We Make Money for Shopify Stores By Fixing What Ails 'Em

This Is Where Revenue Eating Problems Come To Die!

Everyone has baggage - what's yours?

At the end of your rope?

Did an agency use and abuse you?

Have a unique theme challenge with your storefront?

Your site is broken and your faith in professionals wrecked?

You cannot figure out how you're ever going to overcome THIS (whatever THIS is)?

We Can Help --->
Everyone needs a fixer. Red Fox Banjo is my fixer.
-Kurt Elster, MBA
8 figure eCommerce Consultant

Why Red Fox Banjo?

In a world full of "Experts", it's a fair question.

We've been doing this a while

Programming for the web since it was cool (that would be the late 90s)

Interesting problems feed our addiction

Some people prefer Top Chef. We prefer problems. And Diet Coke.

Partners, not just consultants

If it's a good fit for us to work together it's gonna be intense. We're talking "What about Bob" levels of personal obsession

Still Here? Let's See If We'd Be Good Together